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Jennifer Countryman, Founder
Jennifer is a co-founder of Countryman Business Consultants, sold out in early 2015. Prior positions include Deer Chase Golf Resort & Dinning Events, Heritage Inns. Currently, Jennifer is Executive Meeting Manager for Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake of the Ozarks.
Derek Howard, Partner
Derek has an extensive education in all areas of business operations, support initiatives & management. He currently heads Product Development & New Business, and still retains client service hours in his daily schedule. His Business Analyst & Management skills have served clients such as SBC, Principle Financial Group, MasterCard & CNA Insurance. 
About Countryman Business Consultants
A Team of Independent Analysts, Technology Developers & Implementation Experts

The success of every business hinges on the ability to meet profitability goals. Our team will review your business to ensure you have an accurate financial picture and provide the tools necessary to drive upcoming decisions. Often, just a small change in the cash register system can make a big difference. 

Whether it’s the details on daily operations or isolating new customers from existing advertising options, marketing plans require customer data. Knowing your customers is the first step in meeting their expectations and increasing profits. Increase the opportunity for future success, let us give you a detailed audit of your customers and your business future!

Quality management of any business includes more than maximizing profits. Implementing “Best-Practices” by your team and avoiding common business pitfalls, starts and ends with accurate planning.  

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Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams of business success & ease of management.  We bring bigger, better, faster & cheaper to any company!
Kirk Abraham, Business Insurance Consultant
Kirk supplies his knowledge of Business Insurance to our team.  His industry knowledge of best practices and teaching style is a valuable asset to any team.  Presently, Kirk serves numerous clients in periodic reviews & educational clinics for employees.
Ken Schrumpf, IT Consultant
Ken has a vast amount of technology experience and has managed numerous data processing centers in the STL area.  Networking, web presence & IT projects are all part of his duties.  Ken spends most of his time on client reviews and process improvement initiatives.
 Open , IT Consultant
Needed - a proven track record in many areas of IT operations and support.  Responsibilities include  Product Development & Business Support for the SaaShr team.  Daily task include all customer inquiries, pilot programs, and final implementatons of the CBC TimeCard & HR solutions.  
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Account Management Teams
 Jamie Countryman, VP Online Presence & Ads
  (open)                   - Rolla & St. James Area
Account Support Teams
Appointment Setter (open) - Lake of the Ozarks
 Debbie Thompkins - Columbia/Jefferson City
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