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 Performance Reporting, Business Planning & Project Management
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Our team of consultants will leverage our vast experience in the disciplines of business to bring all that knowledge directly to your planning process. We ensure you have accurately described internal core processes and implemented the adequate controls to manage the ordering processes, core business requirements and the final products and services available to your customers in both quantities & quality!  

Team CBC has been the Mentors for the last 2 consecutive years recipients of SCORE's Ralph Stonebracker - Best Business Plan Award!

Performance Reporting is the heart of any business. It's vital to have real-time information of the daily issues extended into long-term outlooks. Let us help you define your business dashboard and give everyone access to meaningful information and bring EZ-Money back to your company

Quality management of any business includes more than maximizing profits. Implementing “Best-Practices” by your team and avoiding common business pitfalls, starts and ends with accurate planning.in order to achieve and maintain a long-term competitive advantage!

       *See Common Pitfalls to Business Failures"
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At Countryman Business Consultants, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique business needs. Our merchant help system and operators are available to take your question 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our automated system makes placing your request simple, or you can call one of our staff.
We provide customized Business Needs Assessments for your Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.  By establishing who, when where and how our team will establish greater brand awareness for your offering and place your team as a top provider ahead of the competition  CBC performs market reviews and perception audits that will bring to light any shortcomings in your advertising messages and delivery methods.  Our campaign management team will assist in the development, implementation, measureing and monitoring of each promotion to ensure you get the most bang for your advertising dollars! 

We manage campaigns all every level possible to ascertain the macro-environmental conditions, the results and trends of each variable and data set, implications towards objectives, and possible alternatives,  Typical collection points include market segment population, positioning, social media impressions, visitors for Direct and organic, website traffic, in-house traffic, inquires and phone calls to your business line and staff.  If digital display advertising is used in conjunction with traditional channels, then context searches, targeting, and conversion data is added to the review process & analysis 

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Our teams together, give our clients a major competitive advantage against business risk - we have a Lifetime Guarrantee
Guarranteed Best Rates.  

If you have any question concerning services, products or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Just enter the information above and send, use the Instant Messenger Chat at m.me/CountrymanConsultants or e-mail: CountrymanConsultants@gmail.com

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Outside Environment Conditions & Economic Benchmarks YTD

Section Under Development

Local Vehicle Traffic Volume                                                Date Range

Missouri County Demographics                                           Date Range

Area Sales Tax Collected (Total ) 

CAMDENTON CITY                                                             Date Range

LINN CREEK CITY                                                              Date Range

OSAGE BEACH CITY                                                          Date Range 

GREENVIEW CITY                                                              Date Range

LAURIE CITY                                                                       Date Range

MACKS CREEK CITY                                                          Date Range

VERSAILLES CITY                                                              Date Range

ELDON CITY                                                                        Date Range

LAKE OZARK CITY                                                              Date Range

Area Sales Tax Collected (Total ) 

MILLER COUNTY MO                                                          Date Range

CAMDEN COUNTY MO                                                       Date Range

PULASKI COUNTY MO                                                        Date Range

LECLEDE COUNTY MO                                                       Date Range

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 Coming Soon, Subscription Service for Macro-Economic Conditions

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CBC provides a monthly Newsletter outlining the local MidMO Macro-Economic Environment with weekly summaries on tourism traffic & area sales figures compared to last 2-3 year trend, and other indicators.  We also gladly accept News Stories on any local business, staff, concerns & successes.
Imagine being ranked #2 of all POS systems & being the low cost provider - Harbortouch! Can you think of a better combination for a small business that is cost conscience and management savvy?  

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 Start-Ups, Established & Generational Companies
Section Under Development

Dollar Value              Exchange Rate         Disposable Income Estimate      Date Range

​Fuel Price/Gallon       Federal Interest Rate           Inflation Estimate               Date Range